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At the Law Office of Nicole James, I work with clients from all walks of life. Regardless of your situation, I deliver strong legal guidance leveraging my more than 25 years of experience in corporate leadership, finance and other business-related legal issues. When I offer legal counsel, I do so with your specific circumstances and needs as my top priority, taking a unique approach to each case.

Planning for individuals and families with children

As an individual, engaging in thorough estate planning and asset management allows you to keep more of your hard-earned assets and property and protect your estate from costly taxes upon your death. If you own a business, you can protect both it and yourself with asset protection strategies that give you the assurance you need and deserve against lawsuits and aggressive creditors. You may also decide how much of your wealth you would like to go to charitable organizations.


Estate planning also helps you protect your family members, friends and beneficiaries, setting up a strategy that allows for the smooth transition of assets and property to your heirs after you pass away. By doing so, you can help the people close to you avoid the often-difficult probate process, which is costly, time-consuming and stressful. Your estate plan may include wills and trusts, advance health care directives, power of attorney and various other documents and arrangements.

Legal solutions for blended families

Blended families are increasingly common and may include any number of family arrangements, with the most common being married partners that have children from previous marriages or relationships, families with children who have married more than once and have children from those relationships and families with children who have spouses with kids from prior relationships.


These types of families often must address complex issues when it comes to estate planning, due largely to that fact that there are more people involved in the process. As a result, conflicts may come up, and it’s common for blended families to deal with disinheritance issues, delays in inheritance and disputes over how a loved one’s estate will be divided upon his or her death. Considering this, it’s important to consult a skilled and compassionate attorney who has experience working with blended families and who knows the many challenges they face.

Assisting same-sex couples

Massachusetts was the first state to make same-sex marriage legal back in 2004. Although more states have finally started to follow suit recently, same-sex married couples here have largely enjoyed the same benefits as heterosexual couples for many years, including the right to inherit the property of a spouse upon his or her death, the right to visit one’s partner in the hospital, the right to funeral and burial rights and custodial rights to any children.


However, it’s still important for same-sex married couples to engage in thorough estate planning to make sure they protect their assets, partners and other family members now and in the future. This includes setting up power of attorney, health care proxies, advance health care directives, wills and, in some cases, trusts. My firm works with same-sex couples across the region to assist in this important planning process.

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