Business Planning


Navigating a business transaction can be challenging both financially and emotionally. If you’ve worked hard to build your business and are now looking to sell, you may have mixed feelings about letting go. And if you aim to expand your company by purchasing another business, you want to make sure you move ahead in a way that protects you and your best interests.

At the Law Office of Nicole James, my team and I provide helpful guidance on business transactions, backed by my years of experience as both an attorney and corporate professional. I understand that no two businesses are alike, which is why I offer counsel based on the unique needs and circumstances of you and your company.

For further information and advice on managing your business relationships, reach out to the Law Office of Nicole James. To get started, please call 617-213-5003 or contact us online.

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When you would like to explore purchasing an existing business, it’s important to conduct proper due diligence to make sure you’re making a sound investment. Purchasing a business could mean you are also buying various other items, such as real estate and equipment—along with debts and tax obligations.

Actually making a purchase requires addressing another set of issues, including whether you should acquire the company’s assets or purchase a controlling interest. The latter allows you to take over operations of the business, for example, but you will also be fully responsible for taxes and outstanding debts.

In addition to advising on your best steps moving forward, I also help you set up comprehensive non-compete agreements and other necessary contracts to prevent the seller from potentially opening up a new business and competing with you directly.

Most buyers will want to review your financial documents, contracts, personnel files and other corporate records. This usually works when the buyer provides you with a due diligence list. I’ll work with you to ensure your records are in the best condition possible for this process.

Prior to entering into any negotiations, be sure that you have the other party sign a nondisclosure agreement, which will help secure any confidential data or information. If a sale does not end up happening, the agreement should state that any confidential documents should be returned to you right away.

This letter includes general terms of a potential sale and represents a non-binding offer from the prospective buyer. Common items included in this document are closing conditions, the purchase price, how the transaction will take place and the closing date.