Three Levels of Service & Fees

I offer three levels of service from which you can choose, to find the best solutions for your problems and concerns.

1.Will based Plan (generally only recommended for small estates)

What every person needs as a bare minimum of essential lifetime planning.

  • A simple will-based plan designed to transfer your estate to whom you want at death and provides guardians to care for your children (if applicable)
  • Provides for your mental incapacity with a comprehensive Financial Power of Attorney.
  • Records your end of life choices and appoints health care agents utilizing a healthcare proxy and advanced directives.

Fee Range: $1,750 per individual $3,000 per marital plan

2.Trust or more complex Will based Planning

Customized, counseling-based planning that achieves your unique family goals and needs for moderate estates

  • First educational and counseling meeting, Design Meeting and Delivery & Review Meeting.
  • Documents include one or more comprehensive Revocable Living Trusts and Pour-over Will based on your needs
  • Estate Planning Portfolio to store your documents
  • Protects your beneficiaries from creditors and divorce
  • Comprehensive disability planning for you and your spouse to avoid “living probate”:
    • Disability panel
    • Detailed instructions for care
    • Comprehensive Financial Power of Attorney
    • Appointment of health care agents, “living will” end of life choices, and HIPPA release form

Can include special trust provision Including creating Pet Trusts and Trust Protectors

Fee Range: $3,950 per individual plan $5,500 per marital plan-single joint revocable trust $6,500 per marital plan-two revocable trusts

3.Advanced Planning

Includes all the features in Level Two, yet goes far beyond those levels:

  • Incorporates the most advanced wealth transfer strategies available to minimize taxation and fees such as: Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, Charitable Remainder Trusts, IRA Trusts, etc.
  • Uses sophisticated strategies to maximize, guide, and protect the wealth passed down to your beneficiaries. May include comprehensive and specific directions for the distribution and preservation of your wealth for generations to come.

Fee Range: $5,000+

$5,000 Per single medicaid trust $7,500 Per joint medicaid trust

Payments You can pay by check, cash or ACH. Payment plans are available. I will tell you in advance when you need to pay, and what the amount will be. There are no hidden costs. Please call me at 617-213-5003.