Transparent and Easy-to-Understand Legal Fees

At my firm, the Law Offices of Nicole James, I believe in offering a transparent and straightforward fee structure so that you know upfront the costs associated with estate planning and asset protection. That’s why I always provide you with pricing before the process begins, taking the guesswork completely out of the equation. I also do not charge by the hour and invest as much time as needed to make sure you have a plan that best meets your needs and circumstances. I’m paid as an advisor to you—not simply to draft documents.

How my fees work

I look at fees as a function of the solutions I offer to my clients and the value people receive by working with me. My top goal is to exceed your expectations, taking into account that every client’s needs and situation is different. With that in mind, I work to develop a strategy and fee structure that works best for you and the people close to you.

I am also against hidden fees, which is why I make sure you know the exact cost of any service I provide upfront, giving you greater certainty as we move forward together. This approach leads to better communication and more effective estate plans and asset protect strategies, as you never have to be afraid that calling my office or setting up a meeting will result in additional charges.

I’m always open to discussing my fees and want to make sure you completely understand what you’re paying for. And all plans include a complimentary review after the first year of implementation.

About my annual maintenance program

My basic client maintenance package includes the following:

  1. An annual meeting with me to review your status and discuss any potential changes to your estate planning documents or asset protection strategies.
  2. Unlimited adjustments to ensure you’re complying with all state and federal regulations and recent court decisions that may impact you. This includes minor changes that may come from family or financial issues.
  3. Comprehensive reinstatement of your trust every three years, including any amendments you’ve singed during that time.
  4. Emergency access to medical power of attorney and health care directive documents.
  5. Ongoing guidance and advice on key issues you’re facing.

Compassionate estate planning and asset protection legal guidance

My firm accepts payment by cash, check or credit card. If you would like to learn more about estate planning and asset protection and how an experienced attorney can help you, contact the Law Office of Nicole James today. I serve individuals and families across the Boston area from my firm’s offices in Weston and Newton. To set up an appointment, call 617-213-5003 or contact me online.