Business Contracts


When you’ve worked hard to build a business, you want to make sure you protect it both now and in the years to come. My firm, the Law Office of Nicole James, is dedicated to providing you with the sound guidance and advice you need, tailored to your business and the industry in which it competes. Whether you need assistance with contracts, business planning, employee relations or commercial leases, I deliver focused counsel that allows you to be more proactive as you plan for the future.


No two people or businesses are the same, and each company I work with faces different challenges and opportunities. My top priority is to help you reach key agreements and work through legal issues as efficiently and effectively as possible. You can turn to me for the following:

  • Contracts
  • Business formation
  • Business planning
  • Employment law and agreements
  • Contract review

Remember, it’s always best to be proactive when it comes to business legal issues—so don’t wait until your company is facing a lawsuit.

For further guidance and advice to help you move your business forward, work with the Law Office of Nicole James. Give me a call today at 617-213-5003 or contact our firm online.

Contracts are an everyday part of life for a business owner, and you need to ensure that the agreements you sign are in the best interests of your company and its stakeholders. I assist with contracts involving employees, vendors, banks, leases, insurance companies and customers, among others.

There’s a wide range of issues you need to examine when starting a business, such as picking an entity, developing a business plan and executing start-up financing strategies. You may also need to learn how to protect your intellectual property and determine a strategy for growth.

As your business grows, you need to think about issues like licensing agreements, debt financing, acquisitions, risk management and more. I give you the practical advice you need, based on my years of experience in the business world.

The world of employment law is constantly changing, and I’ll make sure your business remains in complete compliance. My services also include employment contracts, making sure you protect your business and avoid costly litigation at all costs.

To prevent any problems from arising when you are signing an agreement with one or more other parties, have an attorney review all contracts beforehand. I assist with all types of business contracts, including those covering the sale of goods, purchase orders, employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, leases and more.